Dozens of shoppers have bid a fond-farewell to a store owner who served Woodley for more than five decades.

Terry Edwards will work his last shift at TT Edwards in Howth Drive on Sunday, where he will be presented with a gift from the community.

In his 54 years as a shopkeeper, he has only taken 54 days off – for Christmas each year – and instead spent his time with Woodley residents.

One of those residents who wanted to bid Terry a fond farewell was Emma Caswell.

“You are a true Woodley legend. Since I was a child, it has always been a privilege to pop to 'Terry's' for a bag of sweets.

“You have served five generations of my family and we appreciate everything you have done.

“Enjoy your retirement - you deserve it.”

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Terry, who was raised by shopkeepers in Whitley, opened his first shop in the same suburb before moving to Howth Drive in Woodley in the summer of 1968.

He and his daughters Tanya Mitchell and Tracey Lailey, and their daughters in turn, have run the store ever since.

Julie Carpenter, who grew up in Howth Drive, went to school with Tracey, 57. She said: “With my childhood friends, Caron, Jayne, Valerie and Jacqui we all used to go to the shop.

“We made a trip last about an hour which would normally be a five minute walk to get our pic ‘n’ mix.”

“Good luck to Terry in his well-deserved retirement.”

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Resident Tonette Kerr launched a fundraiser to put towards a gift for the long-standing shopkeeper, who said the town would be sad to see such a respect, hard-working man go.

More than £215 has been raised for a leaving gift on the Gofundme page.

Another shopper, Barbara Hawe, wrote: “Happy retirement Terry, I’ve never known a man more dedicated to his work more then you; as you said you have seen all of us grow up and then our families too.

“We will miss you dearly, you take care my friend.”

Carole Guntrip said: “Happy retirement you so deserve [it]. You will all be missed.

“The shop will still be known as Terrys, it’s part of Woodley.”

Jan Arding wrote: “Thank you Terry for all the years you served me and family. From my mum and dad to myself, my daughter and son, and my grandaughter, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

“Have a well-deserved, happy retirement, you will be missed greatly.”

Julie Baker said: “Thank you Terry and your family for your hard work and giving us a traditional shop. Enjoy your retirement you deserve it.”