One of Reading’s MPs has pleaded with the public to help protect trees that have been hit by the recent heatwave.

Reading and the rest of the UK experienced a heatwave at the start of the week with temperatures around 35C, leading to fears that trees could wither and die.

Matt Rodda, the Labour MP for Reading East, joined councillor Karen Rowland (Labour, Abbey) to help water trees at risk from the heat.

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He said: “Reading has been baking in the recent hot weather and many volunteers are out helping to preserve our trees and green spaces doing valuable watering.

“If you would like to volunteer, you could really help to save or protect a tree that’s under pressure in the current heatwave.”

Although rain fell in Reading on Wednesday and Friday, the weather will remain warm over the next week, with temperatures each day averaging 22-24C.

If you want to volunteer to help the trees, please email Reading Tree Wardens at .

You can also email to get involved.

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Mr Rodda was spotted watering the trees in Thorn Street and elsewhere in town on Monday, July 18.

The following day, Tuesday, July 19, was the hottest day in Reading since records began in 1908, with a temperature of 37.6C being recorded by The University of Reading’s Atmospheric Observatory.