Reading residents have shared their tips on making money go further as the cost of living crisis spirals.

Their advice on everything from food to cleaning comes as consumer expert Martin Lewis warned rising energy bills are “potentially more dangerous to lives than the pandemic” at Windsor Castle today.

Mr Lewis, of MoneySavingExpert, is renowned for his trusted advice, but even he said there was not much he could do when prices began to skyrocket this year.

These are some small ways the residents of Reading have suggested saving money on the Earley Residents Discussion Board.

Reading Chronicle:

  • Use OLIO, a service which connects neighbours with each other and local businesses so surplus food can be shared.
  • Shop at Aldi or Lidl rather than alternatives
  • Buy eggs or sardines for protein

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  • Try vegetarian food once or twice a week
  • Make use of access to cheaper wonky veg
  • Buy packets of biscuits, rice cakes and similar items for kids lunches instead of buying individual, wrapped items.

Reading Chronicle:

  • Batch cook and freeze meals
  • Use lids on cooking pans
  • Some residents suggested using Ninja Foodie branded kitchen products to save heating a whole oven, though we can’t verify whether this will save you money or not

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  • Similarly, others recommended a worktop air fryer or pressure cooker as an oven replacement and using a Breville Hot Cup unit instead of a kettle
  • Get a bread machine and make your own bread, buns or pizza dough

Reading Chronicle:

  • Cut dishwasher tabs in half
  • Use the eco wash if you’re washing machine has the option
  • Use diluted white vinegar instead of descaler
  • Do not tumble dry

Reading Chronicle:

  • Measure water before boiling the kettle
  • Time your showers
  • While waiting for hot water to come through a tap, fill up jugs will the cooler water and use that for plants
  • Use a bowl in the sink when washing dishes

Reading Chronicle:

  • Buy washable makeup pads
  • Reuse envelopes that come with junk mail
  • Purchase less expensive wine
  • Buy and sell second hand
  • Give up that Costa addiction
  • Look into Buy Nothing Project Facebook groups in the Reading postcode