As people flock to Forbury Gardens or the Kennet Riverside to enjoy the sun, there's a chance you'll hear some conversations more than once.

There's a direct correlation between how close you are to reading and how likely you are to hear some phrases, according to our Readers.

Whether it's how fresh your dougnuts are, where you used to go to wash your tights or if you know where to be heading for bedding, these 22 phrases are sure to remind you of Reading.

1. "I’m stuck in traffic at Cemetery Junction"

Reading Chronicle:

2. “Get your donuts, nice and fresh”

Reading Chronicle:

3. I got it down smelly alley

4. Battle in battle out

5. Did you see Elvis in town?

Reading Chronicle:

6. Meet you in the Butts!

Reading Chronicle:

7. The place to be heading is Reading bedding

8. I knew my way round Heelas

9. Finish off in the purple turtle

Reading Chronicle:

10. That'll learn ya

11. Go right at the Doll’s Hospital, they sell snappits

12. Beer bulbs and biscuits

13. Washing Yer Tights (Washington Heights)

Reading Chronicle:

14. Are we going to RG1 or Level 1 tonight?

15. It's not a city

16. Get some food at reading gate before the match?

Reading Chronicle:

17. I'm taking the kids to peacock farm

18. Those cheeselogs are gross