Contaminated and overflowing bins in East Reading have been disposed of after some bad cases of poor waste disposal recently.

Last Saturday, workers engaged in an extra bin collection to get rid of contaminated and overflowing bins, which have been highlighted in recent weeks.

The operation was supervised by Matt Rodda, the Labour MP for Reading East, councillor Karen Rowland (Labour, Abbey) and cllr Will Cross (Labour, Redlands).

Mr Rodda and the two councillors were spotted leafleting in Blenheim Road, providing information on what can and can’t be recycled in Reading.

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Cllr Will Cross said: “There’s been a lot of issues recently with contaminated recycling bins and overflowing grey bins at the end of term.

“The council has done a sweep of all the roads, an extra collection funded by the university, and we’re out today (Saturday, July 9) putting stickers on the contaminated red recycling bins to let residents know how to recycle correctly.

“If you’ve got neighbours who haven’t done the recycling properly or there’s flytipping or contamination you can report it using the Love Clean Reading app.”

The app can be accessed here.

Reading Chronicle: The bin lorry for the extra collection arrives in Blenheim Road. Credit: Will CrossThe bin lorry for the extra collection arrives in Blenheim Road. Credit: Will Cross

Unfortunately, waste that could have been recycled has been disposed of as general waste because of contamination.

It is thought that the issue of poorly disposed of waste effects approximately 26 streets, as  more than 800 leaflets were sent out to these streets informing students on how to dispose of waste properly in late May.

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The Labour campaigners also expressed concern that left out bins on pavements in narrow streets are causing problems for wheelchair users and families with pushchairs.

Residents living in narrow streets have been encouraged to place their bins in their yards as soon as they know they’ve been collected.

An opposition councillor has blasted the council for inaction on the issue.

Cllr David McElroy (Green, Redlands) said: "This predictable event happens every year like clockwork when the students move out.

"Greens have practically begged the council to be proactive on this, rather than waiting for the smell to drive everyone bonkers but it continues to fall on deaf ears.

"Seems the opportunity to get photographed next to garbage is too good to pass up!"