Ricky Gervais has said he is ‘honoured’ to have a Reading garbage truck named after him.

The comedian, who was born in the town in 1961, took to Twitter to thank the owners of the vehicle.

A picture published by the star shows a disposal vehicle printed with the pun ‘Ricky Gerwaste’.

“Is there any greater honour than your hometown naming a garbage truck after you?” He joked.

His supports commented that he had finally made the big time.

Gervais has often talked about Reading in his stand-up shows and live videos.

Earlier this year, the creator of the acclaimed Office series said his “stupid Reading accent” means people make assumptions about his intelligence.

More recently, Gervais reminisced about growing up in the town in his Netflix special Supernature.

Fan’s of the actor’s show Afterlife will know a bench inspired by the series has been installed in Henley Road Cemetery.