DO you struggle to decide what to get for your children's birthdays?

Or do you end up buying presents months beforehand to spread out the cost and then end up overspending when you see lots of last-minute present ideas that you know they will love?

One mum has been helping any parent who overspends with a tip that's gone viral on Facebook with more than 19,000 Likes.

Kirsty Collins said in the post she wanted to give some advice to those struggling with birthdays as the cost of everything goes up. 

She added: "It’s my son's 4th birthday today, at that age a lot of the toys are overpriced plastic tat and take up so much space in their bedrooms.

"I’m also the type of person who will say ‘okay yep that’s everything for his birthday’ and then go into another shop and say ‘oh he’ll love that, just one more present won’t harm’ - I’m sure many can relate!"

She explains her 'Five present rule' which she first trialled last Christmas helps stops overspending, overcrowding of toys in his room and can also help families so that there isn’t that ’competition’ feeling of which relative got them more/better gifts.

The 5 gifts include:

1. Something you want
2. Something you need
3. Something to wear
4. Something to read
5. Something to do (day trip out to the local farm, a garden game or board game)

She added: "It really gets you thinking about the gifts and doesn’t have to be expensive at all.

"Second-hand gifts are amazing! You can get some good condition toys out there in charity shops or Facebook marketplace.

"I just hope this can help anyone struggling with the cost of living and birthdays.

"Obviously I know some people may only be able to afford one gift and not five so it’s important parents know that is okay too but this is more to help the overspenders."

More than 1,000 parents have praised the idea on Facebook with some suggesting they have enjoyed doing the same thing but also adding 'something to eat' and 'something to drink'. 

While others highlighted the bargains they had found in charity shops or on the app Vinted. 

One mum added: "This also helps reduce waste and gets you to use more imagination and thought into gifts. They will remember the ‘doing’ present for many years.

"I bought a bike from eBay for £2 and it has been used for both children will be free cycling or donating to charity next."