A plan to replace a bungalow with three new homes in Reading is in doubt after neighbours raised fears over loss of sunlight and lack of privacy.

Finerain Developments Ltd had submitted a plan to demolish the bungalow at 4 Downshire Square and replace it with two new buildings – one four bedroom detached home and two four bedroom semi-detached homes.

Each of the houses would have come with two car parking spaces.

The application was meant to be decided last month, but is now in doubt after neighbours heaped criticism on the plan.

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They particularly raised fears that the taller three storey buildings would block sunlight and overshadow them.

Andrea Lambourn-Moss said: “My housebound father’s living space is on the first floor.

“He will loose all direct sunlight through his south facing window – an extremely significant loss of daylight plus a complete loss of view due to there being a new wall in the way.

“Are two squeezed in units worth the cost of upsetting so many residents, pulling down a historic gem, making parking and traffic even worse and putting a wall across my father’s view and light?”

The council’s planning officer admitted access to sunlight and daylight would “undoubtedly change.”

Fellow objector Misha Title added the demolition of the “unique chalet style bungalow” would fail to preserve the character of the area, and retaining it would meet the need for a compact home with a large garden.

Mr Title attended the meeting as a member of the Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee, with the bungalow falling in the Downshire Square Conservation Area.

It has been the subject of two planning applications, one of which had an appeal against refusal dismissed.

An agent from Colony Architects, supporting the plan, stated that the bungalow has an “abnormally large” plot, and that the appeal inspector did not give the loss of the bungalow as a reason for refusal.

The agent added: “The scheme represents more efficient use of the site, bringing much needed family housing to the area, the proposal is of high quality design, taking inspiration from the character of the conservation area.

“The scheme has a good affordable housing provision and finally the three houses will be low carbon large family dwellings within walking distance of the town centre.”

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Finerain Developments agreed to pay £149,600 towards more affordable housing in the borough.

The objectors and agent spoke at a meeting of Reading Borough Council’s planning committee on Wednesday, June 22.

Councillor Ellie Emberson (Labour, Coley) proposed deferral for a site visit, so the committee could get a better understanding of the site and the issues raised.

The deferral  was unanimously accepted at the committee, who also agreed that the site visit will be accompanied by planning officers.