Parents in the UK are spending over £2,400 every year, or £46.15 a week, driving their children to different activities such as parties and hobbies, according to a new study.

As petrol prices continue to soar in the UK, car finance site Zuto conducted research to uncover just how much parents are spending carting their kids around to various activities and events.

Looking at the average number of hours spent driving their children to different places and comparing this to the cost of fuel per mile, the research revealed that the school run is the most costly for parents, amounting to £642.25 every year.

Trips to see friends or dropping them off at parties is the next biggest expense for parents which could be costing parents an eye-watering £607.72 a year.

Reading Chronicle: The cost of all these trips add up to over £40 per week for parents (PA)The cost of all these trips add up to over £40 per week for parents (PA) (Image: PA)

Meanwhile trips to do hobbies & activities (outside of school extra-curricular) cost on average £601.04 and extra-curricular activities cost, like after-school clubs, cost on average £592.80.

Commenting on the research, Lucy Sherliker, Head of Customer at Zuto said: "Despite the abundance of public transport options in our modern-day society, parents still choose to spend a substantial amount of time in their busy schedules taking their children to various activities.

“Whilst looking at various variables i.e. location, we have highlighted just how much time parents being ‘taxi of mum and dad’ and the possible reasons for this.”