We all love a good restaurant to enjoy some tasty food and step away from cooking now and again.

Since reopening their doors we've been steadily showing our support by eating out and have saved ourselves some washing up in the process.

We asked our Facebook readers, what restaurants from the past they miss the most.

Dozens of food lovers responded, each of them eager to share their memories.

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Scroll down to see if your favourite is among them.

Dolce Vita


Reading Chronicle:

We all love a good pizza!

The italian restaurant in King's Road is sorely missed by readers.

Beth Lloyd said: "Their steak was the best I ever tasted."


Reading Chronicle:

(Photo by ad acta)

Who could forget Chillis in the heart of The Oracle's riverside.

The unit has seen a few names come and go, but readers clearly couldn't ger enough of Chillis.



Reading Chronicle: Photo by David WilliamsPhoto by David Williams

Nordsee restaurant in Broad Street in 1994. Nordsee is a German fast-food restaurant chain specialising in seafood. 


Friar Street was home to Bretts, which did some of the 'best burgers' in town. 

Colleys Supper Rooms

This restaurant chain proved really popular in Reading. Located in Wokingham Road - readers couldn't get enough of the treacle puddings and potted cheese.

Sally Brummer said: " I worked there and loved it, as well as the food, there is still one open i think in Cirencester"

Eleanor Chettle said: "Used to love that place." 


Reading Chronicle:

Another Italian restaurant missed by readers is Ninos.

Sapna Odlin said: "I used to absolutely love it there. Proper Italian restaurant owned by lovely people."