A PERVERT has been locked up after pretending to be a woman and forcing a 16-year-old boy to send him intimate pictures.

Garyse Gumbs, of Weylan Street, Reading, was jailed after also being convicted of making indecent images of young boys.

The 29-year-old lorry driver’s offences date back to 2017 when Gumbs set up a messaging profile under the name of ‘Monique.’

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He engaged in a sexualised conversation with a 16-year-old boy who thought Monique was a real woman.

During this time, Gumbs pressured the boy to send intimate images and videos of himself, to which he obliged.

When the victim realised ‘Monique’ was not real, Gumbs was reported to police.

Upon being arrested, officers found 41 category B indecent images of young boys and 8 category C indecent images on Gumbs’s phone.

Prosecutor Gino Connor told Reading Crown Court how Gumbs first came to the police’s attention after he contacted a 14-year-old boy on Instagram.

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The boy’s mother found out about their exchanges and the teenager fled their home.

She found him with Gumbs in Maidenhead town centre with two tickets to the cinema for the pair.

However, no charges were ever brought against Gumbs for this incident. 

Pete Gotch, defending, said Gumbs was remorseful and that “he was a much younger and much dumber person” when he committed these offences.

But His Honour Judge Burgess said a report into Gumbs’s behaviour did not give him ‘encouragement.’

“It seems to me that you present an ongoing risk to members of the public, in particular young teenage boys”, the judge said.

HHJ Burgess handed down a 15-month prison sentence after making note of Gumbs’s ‘deception’ of the 16-year-old boy.

He was sentenced for two counts of making indecent images and one count of inciting the sexual exploitation of a child at Reading Crown Court on Thursday, June 23.