Hundreds of thousands of people travel along the M4 everyday that takes you on a route between London and Wales, passing through Reading.

Due to the many roundabouts and slip roads connecting the expansive motorway, the winding route is comprised of many junctions.

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For a first time, or even second time, M4 driver the junctions can sometimes be more dangerous than they first look.

A YouTube user has explored with the help of video footage ‘Why a particular junction on the M4 through Reading is the most dangerous’.

In just 20 minutes, in relatively steady traffic, it shows the possibility of five accidents occurring on Junction 11 due to over-taking and changing lanes at the inter-change .

This is the Three Mile cross interchange that according to road signs say that all approaching roads and routes go straight on.

The video shows that incorrect and poor road markings should be changed to inform drivers that the left two lanes to Reading are a left hand side junction instead of straight ahead.

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This mean’s that if drivers are not aware that the left two lanes take you off to the left, it is seen necessary to barge into traffic which may, and has cause an accident or two.

This surely could be corrected by up-dating the road markings to make drivers more aware of turn-offs.

The video's description reads: "Drivers forced to cut in because of incorrect lane markings approaching the junction. The white lines are worn out and many drivers haven't got a clue where to go! Of course there are always those who don't queue and barge their way in."