Two young carers whose mother died following a 10-year battle with multiple strokes are raising money to say their final goodbye “in style.”

Lisa and Natasha Downes cared for mum Cynthia Joanna from their early teens until May 23, when she passed away aged 57 due to the impact of pneumonia, sepsis and her third stroke.

The pair said they would like a horse and carriage for her send-off because despite being a single mum with learning difficulties who had to fight multiple illnesses, ‘Mumma JoJo’ was always smiling, supportive and stylish.

“She was such a fighter, after everything she went through she still made sure we had food on our table, clothes on our back. She was amazing,” said Lisa, 24, from Reading.

Reading Chronicle: 'Mumma JoJo' and her daughter Natasha Downes'Mumma JoJo' and her daughter Natasha Downes

“She gave us everything she had and I want to celebrate her life and have her remembered as a caring, happy, beautiful lady.”

JoJo was a keen dancer and clothes-maker before a stroke in 2012 at the age of 47 left her in need of care.

Lisa and Natasha, who were aged 14 and 15 at the time, would see their mum suffer a second stroke that meant she was unable to get out of bed.

They made sure she was looked after until October 2021, when a third stroke stopped JoJo eating, drinking or speaking without support.

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JoJo spent the next six month in and out of hospital, with her final admission caused by pneumonia.

Lisa was buying clothes to make sure JoJo could dress nicely during her final days when  her phone rang and she was told her mother had passed away.

“At that time I was devastated, because she was on her own. I miss her.”

She added: “Through all of that she did everything.

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“She was my mum and dad all in one. She was mum, dad, auntie, cousins, everything.”

Natasha, 25, also from Reading, said: “She was a loving, caring, strong woman. She was fighting so many things all at once but she still had a smile on her face”

“She was outgoing, she loved partying, she loved cooking and spending time with her family, especially her grandchild: my son.”

The sisters have raised around £2,800 for JoJo’s funeral so far via their GoFundMe page.

“If we had enough we’d like to get her a horse and carriage so that she goes out in style, because when she was able to – back in the day – she liked dancing and going out,” said Lisa.

“I want it to be as special as possible because I want to celebrate her life.”

The funeral will take place on July 8.