Residents in Reading can now get bulky waste items like fridges, freezers and unwanted furniture collected from their homes for free.

This Spring, Reading Borough Council announced it would be launching a free bulky waste collection service to help residents get rid of heavy items they no longer need.

A wide range of items can be collected, including cookers, bed mattresses and white goods, with a full list found here.

Free collections can be booked on the council website here or by calling 01189 373787 for those without internet.

The items will then be collected from your doorstep.

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Bookings can be undertaken up to two weeks in advance, with the council undertaking 16 free pick ups per weekday.

Residents can book a free collection every six months, with the council collecting a maximum of three items or one fridge or freezer.

The council is still running a paid collection service for extra items that need removal, which can be booked on the website or by calling the number above.

A collection of three items would have cost £52.50.

The council is spending £249,000 on the service.

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Councillor Jason Brock, the leader of the council, has given a number of reasons why he thinks the free collections are worthwhile.

Cllr Brock (Labour, Southcote) explained: “The first is simple and requires little explanation.

“We want to make life easier for Reading residents, particularly for the increasing number of Reading residents who do not own a vehicle to be able to take items to the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Smallmead.

“Secondly, by offering a free doorstep collection service we hope to cut down on the number of trips people need to make to Smallmead.

“Not that you aren’t welcome there, but as Reading drives to its net zero carbon target by 2030 – and we are making great strides on that front – one of the things we can do as a local authority is put policies and initiatives in place which help local people make a difference.

Reading Chronicle: Councillor Jason Brock, the leader of Reading Borough Council Councillor Jason Brock, the leader of Reading Borough Council

“And finally, fly tipping is a scourge on our communities.

“I don’t accept that you can just dump something you no longer need somewhere and expect someone else to clean it up. It invariably falls to the Council to clear up the mess, and that of course is at the local council taxpayer’s expense.

“We hope the introduction of this new initiative will make a difference, but I’m very clear that even if we were not introducing it, it is a completely anti-social and unacceptable act to think its ok to dump your rubbish on the street.”

He also encouraged residents to recycle, sell or give away bulky items where possible.