More than 40 former Reading FC stars put on a show in front of almost 10,000 supporters in the SCL Stadium for the 150th anniversary legends match.

An absolute goal-fest, the game finished 8-5 with former midfielder Brian Howard notching a second-half hat-trick.

Speaking to some of the key men after the game, it is clear to see that it was an enjoyable day for all.

Captain of the Brian McDermott team which won the title in 2011/12, Jobi McAnuff said it was nice to get all the team back together on the 10th anniversary of their Championship win.

Speaking to the Reading Chronicle, McAnuff said: "It was such a great turnout. It was two teams who mean a lot to this football club, but you can see from the player turnout that it is a club that means an awful lot to these players too. It was really nice to come back and share the day with everyone. For a lot of lads, you don’t know when your time is up at a football club, so we don’t get a chance to say goodbye, particularly when you’ve had such great times as both these sides have, to get as many as we did and see everyone who was on that journey with us just makes it so much better.

"A massive shout-out to Ron Grant and the RFPA who have been diligent in getting this together. For us as old players its nice to have these days where you come back. They’re times in our lives that we share and although we don’t see as much of each other as we would like, when we do get back together its like we’ve never been away."

Teammate of McAnuff's, Jem Karacan had involvement in both teams as an Academy graduate and hoped that the day could bring back some positivity in RG2.

"It was amazing," he started. "It was wicked to see everyone. A lot of memories were made over the years, so it was great to catch up with everyone. It was nice to get a goal. When we all got together, we were talking, and they just need to get a bit of spirit around the place. The fans are desperate to get behind the group so maybe this can kick start a bit of positivity around the place."

Captain of Steve Coppell's 2005/06 record-breaking side, Graeme Murty echoed the sentiments of Karacan- hoping it can kickstart an uptick in the current first team.

The Scot said: "It’s been an amazing day. It’s brilliant to see so many smiley faces. It’s something the club need to look at as ultimately we’re at the beckon call of those people in the stands. We had a brilliant relationship all the way through and coming back reinforces that, so I really enjoyed it.

"I didn’t think there were going to be that many here, but it was great to see so many thoroughly enjoying what was a great occasion. I’d like to thank them for coming out, it’s not easy with so many pressures in the world but it was a nice release today."