Former Reading captain Jobi McAnuff believes Blackpool’s Jake Daniels will be “supported by everybody” after coming out as gay.

Becoming the first openly gay footballer in more than 30 years, 17-year-old Daniels hopes to become a “role model to help others come out.”

The teenager was met with a wave of support, including messages from the likes of Gary Lineker and the Football Association.

Reacting to the news ahead of the Championship play-off clash between Huddersfield Town and Luton Town, the iconic winger commented: “It’s so good to see such a positive reaction, which I’m sure we were all hoping for and expecting. It’s sad that in 2022 we’re having to talk about these issues, but it doesn’t lessen the importance or significance of the decision that he’s made, especially at such a young age.

“For him personally to be in a place where he has the support to come out and be himself, a right that we’re all entitled to in any walk of life, is brilliant to see.

“Also,” he added. “In terms of representation, this is a game where we talk about gender, sexuality, race where we want to be inclusive. He’s very courageous and it’s very positive to see the action he’s taken. I’m sure he’s going to be very supported by everybody.”

McAnuff is returning to Berkshire this weekend, playing in the 150th anniversary legends match between the 2005/06 Championship-winning team and the 2011/12 Championship-winning side.