Phantom Brewing sold out of their limited-edition Reading FC beer within an hour of going on sale, according to co-owner Dane White.

Set up in 2019 by Royals fan Mr White and Sunderland supporter Dom Gemski, they decided to do a commemorative canned ale in celebration of the upcoming 150th anniversary legends match on Saturday.

Brewed in Caversham, the IPA and Pilsner are contained in specially designed cans decorated to the design of the two title-winning shirts worn in 2006 and 2012.

Speaking exclusively to the Reading Chronicle, Mr White explained that it was something he has always been keen to do, but the moment had to be right.

“I have been a Reading fan all of my life”, Mr White started. “We’ve been trying to do something since we opened in 2019 but I wanted it to be the right idea rather than just chucking a Reading badge on a can. With the last few years being quite miserable, this event felt like the right time to be celebrating. The McDermott team was always my favourite since watching Reading so any way of fitting him onto a can was an idea I had at the back of my head. It’s been three years in the making to show that we are fans, but organically.

“It was about doing something that we enjoyed and hoping that other Reading fans would too- luckily football and beer tie together quite nicely.”

Within 60 minutes of being on sale, the beer had sold out and many supporters were left empty-handed, however it is not the final time the brewery will do something to build the link between themselves and the football club.

Mr White added: “We sold out within an hour. We partnered with Elm Park Royals because we’re big fans of their work. I wanted to keep it limited as I wanted to make sure it goes to Reading fans and for this week for the big game. We’re planning on doing more in the future now we have this idea to run with- retro kits with players and managers.

“One thing not many others might have noticed, but Reading fans will have, is that the font on the front of the names is the exact fonts of the sponsors from each year to make it fit even more with the special kits. It’s one for the Reading fans to enjoy after a long season.

“We’re going to keep doing it as a tribute to the club and what we love most, the community feel. Whenever they’ve done stuff over the years with local businesses the Reading fans have really backed it and I think it’s something everyone wants more of from the club.

“If they notice us then great, but if not, we’re going to keep doing stuff that feels right and Reading fans will continue to enjoy.”