A group of parkour freerunners have gone viral on TikTok after jumping from the top of the Hexegon Theatre.

Red Bull Australia posted on Tik Tok a clip of one of the men catapulting and sliding down one of the buildings many columns.

The man that demonstrated the trick somersaulted from the balcony on the first floor by the entrance to the building.

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They commented; “From backflipping off the Sydney Opera House to the UK…@Red bull UK someone stop this man.

Tik Tok have included a warning to viewers that the ‘actions in the video are performed by professionals or supervised by professionals. Do not attempt.’

So far, the video has received 4.2 Million views and received 171 thousand likes.

This was in response to another TikTok shared by Red Bull Australia of a man doing parkour in different Australian venues.