A Reading busker who was told that her music was causing noise pollution has gone viral on Tik Tok.

The 20 year old singer/songwriter, Katrina Tomsatt, caught the footage on her phone after a shopper stopped her and a friend while they were performing.

The woman who approached the pair in the TikTok video said: “Do you realise you can be heard over the other side of the bridge and right the way up there.”

Katrina quickly apologised by saying; “We understand , we understand” however ‘Karen’ continued saying ‘you don’t’.

The Reading singer then said, "you could ask us in a polite way, we are trying our best."

The disgruntled woman added: “I’m sorry I get cheesed off when I can’t come into town without being inflicted with noise pollution.

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Other shoppers came to her rescue, applauding their performance in Reading town centre.

Her last parting line as other people defended the pair was; “I won’t let them be, I’m sick of them, I’ve got friends who are buskers that don’t inflict themselves on people.”

One man said: “Carry on. Don’t worry about some crusty old bird, I’m probably older than her and I don’t mind.”

Another passer-by came to her defence saying that she ‘thought that they were amazing’.

Katrina, who has been busking in Reading since 2020 has 170,000 followers on TikTok and has garnered 685K likes and 489 shares on the app from the one video alone. She labelled the TikTok, ‘professional noise pollution’.

This video was filmed when Kat and another busker, Emelie Hallet were singing together in Guildford high street.

Comments on TikTok were both positive and negative towards the issue and has started a discussion about the amplification of voices while busking.