A sizzling mini-heatwave has been predicted for this weekend with highs of up to 23C in Berkshire.

So if you fancy grabbing your picnic blanket or heading to one of your local outdoor walking haunts, this weekend is the time to do it.

The MET Office have also recorded high levels of UV and Pollen continuing on into the beginning of next week.

We have outlined an hour-by-hour weather report for the weekend to keep you informed for any outdoor excursions.

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The MET Office said: “After a chilly start in places, soon warming up under lengthy periods of sunshine, eventually becoming very warm in areas such as the Thames Valley, although many coastal districts cooler. Maximum temperature 23 °C.”

5am: 10 C

6am: 10 C

7am: 11 C

8am: 12 C

9am: 13 C

10am: 15 C

11am: 16 C

12pm: 17 C

1pm: 18 C

2pm: 19 C

3pm: 19 C

4pm: 19 C

5pm: 19 C

6pm: 18 C

7pm: 16 C

8pm: 15 C

9pm: 12 C



The MET Office have stated the weather will be fine with sunshine Saturday. It will however turn cloudier later ahead of a pulse of showery and locally heavy and thundery rain from the south into Sunday. 

6am: 8 C

7am: 9 C

8am: 11 C

9am: 12 C

10am: 14 C

11am: 15 C

12pm: 17 C

1pm: 18 C

2pm: 19 C

3pm: 19 C

4pm: 19 C

5pm: 20 C

6pm: 19 C

7pm: 19 C

8pm: 18 C

9pm: 17 C

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Light cloud and a gentle breeze with a small chance of rain in the early morning. Warm temperatures continue on into the evening.

6am: 11 C

7am: 12 C

8am: 13 C

9am: 15 C

10am: 16 C

11am: 17 C

12pm: 19 C

1pm: 19 C

2pm: 20 C

3pm: 20 C

4pm: 21 C

5pm: 21 C

6pm: 20 C

7pm: 20 C