Readers have slammed data naming Reading as one of the safest places to live in the UK.

Last week, the Chronicle published data collected from Get Licensed, who analysed factors including how safe Reading feels to locals, how safe it is to get a taxi, drug, weapon and violent offences.

According to them, Reading was revealed as the 6th safest place to live in the UK with a Safety Index Score of 6.58.

READ MORE: Reading named one of the safest places to live in UK

According to the data, Reading has the UK's fourth lowest level of street crime, with only 0.057 crimes recorded per 1,000 residents and just 0.039 weapons possessed per 1000 residents.

But readers largely disagreed with the findings, arguing Reading is 'far from' being a safe place.

Here's what Reading Chronicle readers had to say

Julia Alexander Gordon said: "It seems extremely unlikely."

Andrew James Alfred Perry said: "They must be joking."

Daniel Ashley Davy: "I think people that think this is a silly statement, maybe don't understand how bad the rest of the country is.

"I've spent weekends away for whatever reason, all over the country and trust me Reading is much nicer than 90% of the places I've been. Only my opinion"

Stephen Cox said: "Can't walk anywhere after 9 o'clock on your own."

Liisa Ford said: "April Fools Day was last month. Easy mistake to make though, not judging."

Tina Norris said: "When I go away I always miss the blue flashing lights."