The local elections are almost upon us, so here are all candidates standing in the Thames ward.

The ward has been reformed as result of boundary changes, and covers areas north and south of the River Thames.

Last election, the ward was held entirely by Conservatives.

Current councillor Paul Carnell is standing in the newly formed Caversham Heights ward, cllr Jeanette Skeats is retiring after 28 years as a councillor, and David Stevens defected to the Labour party and is standing for them in the Kentwood ward.

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Meanwhile, Labour is expecting a strong showing in the Thames ward, as incumbent councillors Adele Barnet-Ward and Richard Davies, who both currently represent Caversham, are standing here.

Once all the votes are counted, three councillors will be elected to represent people in the area.

See all the candidates seeking your votes by party below.


David Cozens

Reading Chronicle: David Cozens, Conservative candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading East ConservativesDavid Cozens, Conservative candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading East Conservatives

David Cozens said: “I’ve lived in Reading for nearly 20 years and I want to be your councillor because I believe my problem-solving expertise as an engineer means I can help our town to grow and work through many of the issues it faces that have been caused by the current Labour leadership.

“Reading is home to my children and my parents. I want Reading to be safe for everyone, a town that offers things to do for both young and old. Too often, the town can exclude the elderly – look at this council’s refusal to keep bowls in the new Rivermead Complex. Reading’s youth, too, has few places to go.

“When we run by the Thames our paths are flood-prone, uneven and dangerous. How can we encourage walking and cycling if we don’t provide the most basic of facilities?

“Walking around Reading (with my trusty friend Barney my dog!) I see so many positive things happening despite our current council.

“I love this town and I love serving its people, having worked hard for them with Royal Mail throughout the pandemic.

“With your support, I know I can do so much more for you and your family.”

Daisy Parsons

Reading Chronicle: Daisy Parsons, Conservative candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading East ConservativesDaisy Parsons, Conservative candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading East Conservatives

Daisy Parsons has lived in Reading for three years and is currently a final year student at the University of Reading.

She said: “Thames is a great ward with a strong community atmosphere, one where I hope as a councillor I can make a positive impact to help support the community and see the changes they need and desire.”

The Conservatives have committed to tackling flytipping if elected.

Abdoulaye Diouma Sow

Reading Chronicle: Abdoulaye Diouma Sow, Conservative candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading East ConservativesAbdoulaye Diouma Sow, Conservative candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading East Conservatives

Abdoulaye Diouma Sow ran for the Katesgrove ward in 2021, and is now running for Thames this year.

He said: “Living and running a business in Reading for the last five years has given me the opportunity to come into contact with lots of the town’s residents from all walks of life. It’s given me a great understanding of local issues and what matters most to the people of Reading.

“Having made Reading my home and settled down to raise a family here, I decided to get involved in the local community.

“As a result, I have a strong local network of family, friends and business partners. It would now be an honour to serve as a ward councillor for Thames as it would give me the opportunity to serve the community even more.”


Adele Barnett-Ward

Reading Chronicle: Adele Barnett-Ward, Labour candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading LabourAdele Barnett-Ward, Labour candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading Labour

Adele Barnett-Ward said: “I love Reading’s mix of community engagement and entrepreneurial aspiration.

“When my children were small I volunteered with their preschool and our GP surgery and I saw how dedicated people with big ideas can transform services and enrich lives. This inspired me to get involved in community activities such as clean-ups and events and start campaigning for sustainable travel and against the Conservative Government’s brutal cuts to school funding.

“Since coming to power in 2010, the Conservative Government has slashed funding for all public services, including the council.  Despite this, Reading Labour has always fought to protect vulnerable residents and the services we all value.

“It was an honour to be elected as a Labour Councillor in 2018 and to be a voice for our community. As a councillor I have championed active travel, launched Reading’s Ethical Recruitment Charter, and delivered the new Food Waste collection service.

“If re-elected I pledge to be accessible and responsive to the residents of Thames Ward, representing their best interests on the council.

“Alongside my council responsibilities I work for Reading Association for the Blind, established a local product design business with my husband, and have four children who all attend Reading state schools.”

Richard Davies 

Reading Chronicle: Richard Davies, Labour candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading LabourRichard Davies, Labour candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading Labour

Richard Davies has been a councillor in 2016 and has served as the chair of Housing, Neighbourhoods & Leisure Committee.

He is also the vice-chair of the audit and governance committee.

This election, Labour have argued that they are best for Reading because they have delivered for Reading.

Their priorities going forward include making sustainable and inclusive communities, making sure the borough is aspirational and offers opportunities for everyone, and making sure it is a great place to live from the cradle to the grave.

Nusrat Sultan

Reading Chronicle: Nusrat Sultan, Labour candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading LabourNusrat Sultan, Labour candidate for Thames ward. Credit: Reading Labour

Nusrat Sultan said: “I am a mother of three grown up children, and a proud grandmother of three grandchildren.

“I have lived in Thames ward for the last 25 years. During that time I have seen positive changes and developments in the ward.

“I am keen to represent the residents of my ward as I feel I am able to contribute more effectively to raising their issues and concerns as a Councillor.

“I am passionate about supporting the local community. I have been a Labour activist for a number of years, working with the council and the party on various issues. I am a community activist in my ward.

“I am passionate about helping people with everyday issues; in particular around health and disability.

“I am interested in helping low income families and those in social housing.  I am passionate about being a voice for Thames Ward.”

Liberal Democrats

Vania Costa-Krol

Vania Costa-Krol loves being part of Reading’s vibrant community and can often be seen walking in the parks along the riverside with her children.

She is keen that Reading builds on the strengths of its diverse communities and continues to be a welcoming town to all.

She is also passionate about the environment and the defence of our civil liberties against an increasingly authoritarian government.

If elected, her priorities are getting a fair deal for Thames Ward residents and services, building the affordable housing we need, where we need it, and protecting our green spaces and woodlands from further development.

Read the Reading Lib Dems’ Manifesto here.

Green Party

Anthea West

Anthea West has lived in Reading for four years. She has worked in adult education and training. She spends her spare time walking by the River Thames, playing killer sudoku and socialising with friends.

Anthea would like to see a fairer, greener, more affordable town. The Reading Green Party mini manifesto for 2022 is here: