The Gordon Ramsey cooking academy has partnered with Frimley Trust hospitals to support local teens with diabetes.

After reading about the opening of the famous chef’s cookery school, Ellen Duke, the head of Nursing Peadiatrics and Neonates reached out to the academy.

Her aim was to help some of the 400 patients with type 1 diabetes in their care and give them the opportunity to learn how to make the best food choices in order to stay healthy.

On April 30, six young patients aged between 14 and 17 took part in the first official one-day course at the Woking-based academy.

This was led by the Head of Culinary, Rob Cottam who also has type-1 diabetes.

Rohit Atai, from Slough, marked his fifteenth birthday on the day. He said: “I was so surprised when the letter came asking me if I’d like to go to the Gordon Ramsay Cookery Academy – it was my Dad who first told me and I was really happy.

“The course has been brilliant, I learnt so much about healthy food and I can even help my Mum and Dad with the cooking now.”  

Nicola Birchmore, the Trust’s paediatric diabetes nurse specialist, who is now leading the programme said: “Many young people with diabetes feel anxious and confused about what foods are best to eat or avoid.

“We wanted to help our patients have a better relationship with food and not be hindered in any way by their diagnosis.

“The Academy has been amazing and a pleasure to work with, and our partnership will hopefully make a difference to lives of many young patients with diabetes.”

Rob Cottam, head of culinary, Gordon Ramsay Academy said: “It’s a privilege to be able to support these young people – and help them with hints and tips that I’ve gained throughout my cooking career.

“Being diabetic myself means that I truly understand their food worries and can answer any queries based on my own personal experiences as well as my cookery knowledge.

“We want to normalise diabetes for these kids so that they can enjoy their food and cooking, balancing the best food choices along with everyday life.”