Reading FC manager Paul Ince spoke further on his future with the Royals.

Former England international Ince joined the club on an interim basis in February but has revealed that he will have discussions with the hierarchy next week regarding his future.

Reading secured their future last weekend but have lost two on the bounce without scoring, with just one fixture remaining.

Speaking after a 1-0 defeat to West Brom, Ince explained: "It's got to be a situation where the club agrees on the same path I agree on. Next year is going to be tough anyway so there’s a lot of work to do before pre-season even starts. Everything has to be put into plan quickly. As soon as the game is over there is a lot of work to do.

"Players need to know what they’re doing- the club needs to know who’s going to be the manager, the fans need to know who’s going to be the manager, the players need to know who’s going to be the manager.

"I can’t make decisions on players if I’m not going to be here myself. We have to build a project that could take three or four years, that has to be the way whoever is in charge. Next year is going to be tough but if there is a culture and siege mentality then we will be fine.

"It isn’t about a top line I want to hear from them, it’s what I’ve got to say from them. We all want the same thing; it’s just how we’re going to get there. We’ve all mentioned structure, culture, environment, it’s like anything- we’re after one common goal. If people, see it differently then you part ways.

"We all know as a club that this is the way to go, things need to change, they will change but it will take time to change it."

Ince had been out of the game for eight years before taking charge in RG2, and he insists that he gets despondent with 'fire-fighting' jobs.

The Manchester United legend continued: "It’s easy to jump into jobs because you love football, but you can get despondent with it. A lot of my jobs have been firefighting and they’re not the jobs you want to keep going into to. You don’t lose your passion for football, I’m still watching Thomas play, doing Sky work, so you can talk to me about any football, and we’ll have a conversation about it.

"As the years go by you think you’re quite happy and comfortable with it so to have the chance to be back in management with a club like this is great, it was challenging but we’ve achieved that challenge. When you’re on the grass it gives you something in your stomach, so we’ll see how it goes this week."