Reading FC manager Paul Ince insists that a lot needs to change at the club if it is to be successful.

The former England captain arrived in February with the Royals hanging dangerously above the relegation zone but has led the club to safety with two games to go.

Only in charge on an interim basis, Ince will meet with the hierarchy at the club next week to discuss his future.

Keen to stay if the role is to rebuild the club long-term, Ince believes that the club needs to improve behind the scenes.

Speaking ahead of the final home match of the season, he said: “I don’t think the club has got any scouts, me and Alex always go to the games. Seb and Jason are a good team and work hard, it’s a tough gig finding players on free, loans, asking favours, they’re working hard behind the scenes.

"It all starts now, that’s the good thing about having the breather where we don’t have to worry about WBA and Luton so much, we can start wondering elsewhere and get plans for next season.

“I’m not going to discuss boardroom level, it’s not my job to do that, but when you’re coming to a club, and you’ve got no scouts- every club should have scouts. You see little things that you want to change but because you’re focussing so much on keeping the team up you put it to the back of your head.

"There are things that need to change, little tweaks here and there. There are things I will be talking about to the owner to have a fighting chance.


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Ince continued: “Sometimes it’s not always what you see on the football pitch, it’s behind the scenes. I think it’s a quiet club, we need to have this winning mentality and get the people in the building who can do that.

"We’ve all got to have the same mentality to go forward and be successful. I’ll be sitting down with the owner and having the conversation.

“I’ve got to make decisions, there are players out of contract- there are people who I want to stay if I’m in charge and what players I want to bring in. Pre-season is going to be round the corner, so we all need to know where we are.

"Next week will be the time where we sit down and hopefully sort out where this club is going as the infrastructure is all in place, we just need an identity and get that out to the fans.”