The candidates vying for your votes in the Caversham ward for the 2022 Reading Borough Council elections have been announced.

Caversham as a whole is a battleground between the Conservatives and Labour, with the Conservatives proving more popular in upper Caversham and Labour electorally successful closer to the river.

Caversham is currently represented by three Labour councillors.

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The entirety of Reading Borough Council is being elected this year, with Park being a three-member ward.

There have been significant boundary changes north of the river, which has meant Labour cllrs Richard Davies and Adele Barnet-Ward are standing in the Thames ward.

See all the candidates seeking your votes by party below.


Jan Gavin

Reading Chronicle: Jan Gavin, Labour candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading LabourJan Gavin, Labour candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading Labour

Jan Gavin said: “I have lived very happily in Reading for more than 40 years.  This is my hometown, and it is a great place to live.  I am now actively retired, but I was a teacher at Highdown School for 23 years, then an education advisor for Reading Borough Council, working with primary schools across the town and lastly a regional coordinator for a government education advisory board.

"I am honoured and delighted to have been selected to stand for Caversham Ward for Labour.

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"I am particularly interested in being a ‘community councillor’; by working with communities to raise and solve issues to improve and enhance Caversham as a place to live, work and play.

I promise to be accessible and responsive to residents, to always fight for Caversham and report back regularly on our work as councillors.”

Jan Gavin is a former councillor, who previously represented Redlands before stepping down.

Jacopo Lanzoni 

Reading Chronicle: Jacopo Lanzoni, Labour candidate for the Caversham ward. Credit: Reading LabourJacopo Lanzoni, Labour candidate for the Caversham ward. Credit: Reading Labour

Jacopo Lanzoni has lived in the UK for 13 years and Caversham for half of them.

He said: “I want to keep Caversham clean, green, and tidy. After creating and leading Keep Caversham Tidy, I want to tackle littering and fly-tipping from within the Council. In 2019 Reading Borough Council declared a climate emergency; I want Reading to achieve its target of stopping CO2 emissions by 2030.

“I want to keep Caversham safe. Antisocial behaviour, knife crime and domestic abuse destroy the lives of the most fragile and weak in our communities. I want to work with the Council and with Thames Valley Police to make residents always feel they are safe and that the authorities are on their side.

“I want to keep the council efficient and transparent. Too often the council is perceived as inefficient, sometimes unfairly. As a PhD in applied mathematics and an engineering manager, I have skills and experience to highlight what works and to fix what doesn’t.

“I want to keep residents informed and represented. I want to be an advocate for citizens, and keep them informed about what the Council does for them. I want to respond to their queries and investigate their concerns. I want to be an active listener and an honest leader.”

Matt Yeo 

Reading Chronicle: Matt Yeo, Labour candidate for the Caversham ward. Credit: Reading LabourMatt Yeo, Labour candidate for the Caversham ward. Credit: Reading Labour

Matt Yeo grew up in Caversham, and after living in London, he moved back to Reading over 12 years ago.

He said: “I managed major projects for a number of years in local government, so I know how to get things done for residents. I’m currently finishing a PhD at the University of Reading, in Sports Economics.

I am committed to keeping residents informed and involved in decisions affecting Caversham. I am particularly interested in finding ways to make it easier for people to be more physically active, that local public services continue to be available to the public and am passionate about democracy and increasing political engagement.

During my time working in local government, I saw the Conservatives make many unnecessary and heartless cuts to services.  I joined the Labour Party to make a difference, to listen to residents and to make sure that we are always committed to maintaining good quality local services for residents.


Andrew Ballsdon

Reading Chronicle: Andrew Ballsdon, Conservative candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading East ConservativesAndrew Ballsdon, Conservative candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading East Conservatives

Andrew Ballsdon said: “I’m a qualified accountant and am keen to get elected so I can hold Labour to account for their financial mismanagement. I want to see an end to residents’ council tax being wasted on unnecessary charges and ensure proper processes are instigated to prevent random overpayments like the £1m earlier this year.

“With proper fiscal control of Reading Borough Council, residents’ hard earned money would go further in delivering services, keeping the community clear of rubbish, improving the state of the roads and reducing traffic congestion.

“I’ve lived in Caversham for nearly 30 years and helped raise our two children who are now grown up.”

Ian Binge 

Reading Chronicle: Ian Binge, Conservative candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading East ConservativesIan Binge, Conservative candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading East Conservatives

Ian has lived in Reading for 15 years and teaches Shotokan Karate in Emmer Green.

He said: “Caversham has great potential. I would like to see improvements in local public transport, more use of renewable energy, a greater variety of leisure and entertainment facilities, and a more robust emphasis in the local plan for transport improvements commensurate with the housing development projects put forward for approval.

“I want to use my experience of business to give back to the community I live in, creating a safer, healthier and wealthier Reading.”

Saadia Saadat

Reading Chronicle: Saadia Saadat, Conservative candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading East ConservativesSaadia Saadat, Conservative candidate for Caversham ward. Credit: Reading East Conservatives

Saadia works as a digital executive and has been living with her family in Caversham since 2010. Being part of the community for 12 years has given her great insights into the issues and concerns of local residents and businesses.

She said: “I am committed to the growth and vitality of our local community. I am a strong advocate of free market, equal opportunities and personal responsibility, which are key drivers behind economic prosperity. At the heart of this is a belief to enhance the education system and develop skills that will enable our children to be more adaptive to the changing economic, social, technological and political dynamics. The recent episode of Covid-19 has taught us all that we need more enriched skills sets so that we can be proactive in our decision making.

My priorities include environment protection, supporting local businesses, improving education system and tackling anti-social behaviour. Public service is what drives me to be a local councillor for Caversham. This will provide an opportunity for me to work on social mobility, environment protection, education and anti-social behaviour. I can only do this with your help and trust. I look forward to your support on May 5.

Green Party

Sally Newman

Sally Newman has lived in Reading for 29 years. She is a speech and language therapist and volunteers helping unemployed women back into the workplace. When not working she enjoys cycling, gardening and photography.

Sally would like to see a fairer, greener, more affordable town. The Reading Green Party mini manifesto for 2022 is here:

Liberal Democrats

 Juliet England

Juliet England has lived in Caversham for a number of years now and is passionate about her local community.

She is self-employed, and is active in a number of local organisations, including Progress Theatre.  She wants to make Caversham a better place for all its residents, regardless of their background.

If elected, her priorities are getting a fair deal for Caversham residents and services, building the affordable housing we need, where we need it, and protecting our green spaces and woodlands from further development.