Reading FC manager Paul Ince insists he will not think about his long term future until after the final match of the season.

Despite a 3-0 defeat to Hull City, Peterborough United's defeat to Nottingham Forest ensures Championship football will be played in Berkshire next season.

Only on an interim contract currently, Ince insists now is not the time to discuss matters beyond this season, but that whoever takes the job on will have a battle.

Speaking after the defeat, Ince said: "Nothing will be addressed until we come back from Luton. There’s a lot that needs to be discussed and my main priority was to keep this team up in the league, we’ve done that, so I don’t want to think about football for a couple of days and see my family.

"It’s a massive job with players out of contract and embargoes. It’s going to be tough again next season without a doubt. But let’s worry about that in two weeks’ time not today."

With two matches remaining, clubs would usually take the opportunity to change players and rotate.

However with mounting injuries, Ince insists wont' be possible.

He added: "We haven’t got the luxury of changing players; we’ve got too many injuries. It allows you to breath and to relax and not worry about getting a result. We’ve got 12 out of contract so there’s a lot of rebuilding to do at this club. The club needs to rebuild and there’s a lot to be dealt with on and off the park, so we’ll see what happens at the end of the season."