The final Reading fan mural has been hung outside the SCL Stadium in celebration of the club's 150th anniversary.

Supporters had until April 4 to send in their portraits to be painted onto the outer wall of the home of the Royals and be a part of the fabric of the club.


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Designed by mural specialist Chris Rutterford, it was hung in two part of the stadium on two seperate trips from Mr Rutterford's home in Scotland.



Speaking exclusively to the Reading Chronicle in February, he said: “It's a big responsibility.

“The trick is to focus on one portrait at a time, give it 100% attention, and then pick yourself up and give the next person your full, undivided attention because everyone deserves that.


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“It’s no good to do one and let my standards slip.

“We decided when we were halfway through, we thought it would be better to come down and hang up that section so people could see the quality of what I was making.


Reading Chronicle:


 “I feel a football club is a natural place for a thing like this.

“There is a frustration that Elm Park was full of character built up over a number of years, but the new stadiums are lacking character.

“I feel that putting the fans that are on the inside of the stadium onto the outside of the stadium reflects the soul of the ground.”