All four main parties in Reading have released their visions for what they would like to achieve if they are elected.

An all out election is being undertaken in Reading this year, meaning all 46 seats on the council are up for grabs.

The council is currently held by the Labour party, who have  29 councillors.

The biggest party in the opposition are the Conservatives, who have nine, followed by the Greens, with five councillors and the Liberal Democrats, with two.

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There is one independent, councillor Chris Maskell, who was elected as a Labour representative but is retiring from council life this year.

You can see what each party hopes to do if elected in their manifestos.

See a summary of each manifesto and a link to read them below:


The Labour manifesto claims Labour is best for Reading because Labour delivers for Reading.

Priorities include making sustainable and inclusive communities, making sure the borough is aspirational and offers opportunities for everyone, and making sure it is a great place to live from the cradle to the grave.

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It’s other goals involve making sure the climate crisis is genuinely tackled and that the council provides good value for money.

Achievements councillors have hailed include the introduction of a free bulky waste collection service and an extra £5 million investment in adult social care.

Read the Labour manifesto here.


The Conservatives manifesto is called Our Plan for An Even Better Reading which is based on six core priorities.

These are: protection green and open spaces, making sure every child matters, a safer town and cleaner streets, improving transport and infrastructure, investing in leisure and sport, and protecting the environment.

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The party has been keen to point out that its candidates come from all walks of life and reflect the town’s vibrant BAME communities.

They have also accused Labour of ‘letting Reading down’, stating they want to provide value for money for residents, who ‘have to pay the highest council tax rates in Berkshire’.

Read the Conservative manifesto here.

Green Party 

The Green Party vision is to make Reading a fairer, greener, more affordable town.

Their key priorities include making things affordable by pushing for insulating homes to keep bills down and building on their campaign which led the council to become a Living Wage accredited employer.

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They have also proposed introducing kerbside glass collections and investing in local shopping areas to encourage variety and the sale of locally grown produce.

Read the Green Party manifesto here.

Liberal Democrats

The Lib Dems have called their manifesto ‘a new start for Reading’, accusing the Labour administration of a lack of vision and leadership.

Their manifesto has six aims: building a stronger economy, making communities safer, building sustainable communities and services, helping children and young people, providing health and care for all, and improving transport.

The manifesto includes a statement from national party leader Ed Davey, who says electing a Lib Dem will give residents a ‘local champion’ for their community.

Read the Liberal Democract manifesto here.