The entirety of Reading Borough Council is up for election this year in an all out election.

The council is divided into 16 wards  under a new ward map that has been drawn up for this election.

Labour, the Conservatives,  the Green Party and the Liberal Democrats are standing candidates in all of the wards, with an Independent candidate standing in Norcot and a small party called the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition fielding candidates in Norcot and Southcote.

Reading Borough Council is currently run by the Labour Party, which has 29 councillors, giving it a majority of 17.

The Conservatives are the largest opposition party, with nine seats, the Green Party are the second largest, with five seats, with the Liberal Democrats having two councillors.

The sole independent councillor is Chris Maskell, who defected from the Labour party earlier this year and is one of 12 councillors who are standing down.

Therefore the council is guaranteed to see some fresh faces in the chamber.

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The election this year is being held on the Thursday, May 5.

You can see a full list of who is standing, all 142 of them, below.

Current councillors have been marked with a star * next to their name.


Mohammed Ayub* – Labour

Simon James Bazley – Conservative

Jim Brennan  – Conservative

John Howard Darby – Green Party

Stephen James Goss – Conservative

Tony Page * – Labour

Karen Rowland * – Labour

Christopher Ward – Liberal Democrats


Wendy Pamela Griffith – Labour

John Berkeley Grout – Liberal Democrats

Sarah Hacker * – Labour

Callum Louis Harling – Green Party

Michael Cornelius Viner Hey – Conservative

Gul Muwaz Khan * – Labour

John Murray Tattersall – Conservative

Lizzy Sheppard – Conservative


Andrew James Ballsdon – Conservative

Ian Binge – Conservative

Juliet Laetitia – Liberal Democrats

Jan Gavin – Labour

Jacopo Lanzoni – Labour

Sally Anne Newman – Green Party

Saadia Zafar Saadat – Conservative

Matt Yeo – Labour

Caversham Heights 

Isobel Ballsdon * – Conservative

Matt Buckley – Labour

Simon Christopher Burden – Liberal Democrats

Paul Carnell *  – Conservative

Vikram Jeet Duhan – Labour

Sue Kitchingham – Labour

Dave Luckett – Conservative

Danny McNamara – Green Party

Joanna Elizabeth Ramsay- Liberal Democrats

Thomas David Douglas- Liberal Democrats


Peter Howard Boardley – Liberal Democrats

Mike Harling – Green Party

Andrew Hornsby-Smith – Labour

Ruth Margaret Suen McEwan * – Labour

James Mwaniki Mugo – Conservative

Adam Iestyn Phelps – Conservative

Alanzo Nesta Seville – Conservative

Paul Richard Woodward * – Labour


Ellie Emberson * – Labour

Paul Stephen Gittings  * – Labour

Isobel Claire Hoskins – Green Party

David James McMahon – Conservative

Mas Shepherd – Conservative

Benjamin Francis Sims – Liberal Democrats

Grace Holly Taylor – Conservative

Liz Terry * – Labour

Emmer Green 

Mazin Khalid Abdalla – Green Party

Pieter De Boiserie – Liberal Democrats

Robert Stephen Dimmick – Labour

Rachel Jones – Labour

Harry John George Kretchmer – Conservative

Len Middleton – Labour

Clarence Mitchell * – Conservative

Simon Howard Robinson * – Conservative


Edward Michael Otto Belderbos – Conservative

Liam Clifford Jefferson Challenger – Labour

Doug Creswell – Green Party

Daniel James Huges – Conservative

Louise Kaye Keane – Green Party

George Charles Matthew – Labour

Margaret McNeill – Liberal Democrats

Mike Milner – Conservative

Mamuna Naz – Labour

Kate Nikulina – Green Party


Jonathan Peter Barker – Liberal Democrats

Glenn Anthony Dennis – Labour

Nick Fudge  – Conservative

Caroline Hearst – Green Party

Mark Keeping – Labour

Jenny Rynn * – Conservative

Raj Singh * – Conservative

Brent Smith – Green Party

David Bryan Stevens *  – Labour


Jen Bottom – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Colette Lolita Dennis – Labour

Luke Thomas Ellis – Conservative

Dorothy Anne Gilbert – Liberal Democrats

Alan John Gulliver – Independent

Graeme William Hoskin * – Labour

Jo Lovelock * – Labour

Zach Okeyo – Conservative

Suzanne Rowe – Conservative

Richard Peter Walkem – Green Party


Sheldon Allen – Labour

Chris Dodson – Liberal Democrats

Andy Gilpin – Labour

Niki Haywood – Conservative

Brenda Joanne McGonigle * – Green Party

Nathan Sean O’Brien – Conservative

Sagar Patel – Conservative

Rob White * – Green Party

Josh Williams * – Green Party

Oliver Nathan Williamson – Labour


Allison Carnell – Conservative

Marg Cobb – Labour

Will Cross – Labour

Shivraj Hawaldar – Conservative

Simon John Holden – Conservative

Francis David Jakeman – Liberal Democrats

Kathryn Elizabeth McCann – Green Party

David James McElroy * – Green Party

Amjad Iqbal Tahir Tarar – Labour

Jamie Whitham *  – Green Party


Neil Robert Adams – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Ben Michael Brereton Blackmore – Conservative

Jason Nicholas Brock * – Labour

Debs Edwards * – Labour

John Joseph Ennis * – Labour

Gabrielle Victoria Kirkby – Conservative

Riccardo Giovanni Mancuso-Marcello – Liberal Democrats

Robert Douglas Vickers – Conservative

Sarah Leigh Watchman – Green Party


Adele Barnett-Ward * – Labour

Vania Costa-Krol – Liberal Democrats

David James Cozens – Conservative

Richard Edward Davies * – Labour

Daisy Parsons – Conservative

Abdoulaye Diouma Sow – Conservative

Nursat Sultan – Labour

Anthea Helen West – Green Party


Gabriel Berry-Kan – Green Party

Casey George Christopher Byrne – Conservative

Russell Lee Frain – Conservative

Sikandar Hayat- Labour

James William John Moore – Liberal Democrats

Meri O’Connell * – Liberal Democrats

Benjamin Perry-Stone – Labour

Malcolm Geoffrey Powers – Labour

Anne Thompson – Liberal Democrats

Sandra Doreen Vickers – Conservative


Femi David Afolabi – Conservative

Nick Brown – Conservative

Rachel Claire Eden * – Labour

Vani Goel – Conservative

Micky Leng * – Labour

Alice Mpofu-Coles * – Labour

Kathleen Anne Smith – Green Party

Ian Charles Westby – Liberal Democrats