AS THE cost of living soars across the UK, Reading is ranked in the top three places with low living costs, according to a recent study.

Budget Direct found the town is listed third, below Oxford (ranked first) and Glasgow (second) because of having the highest average salaries.

Research looked at basic costs including transport, utilities and rent and measured them against average salaries

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With Oxford coming out on top, it is also ranked as the most expensive city to rent in.

Coventry and Derby both have cheaper rent in comparison to other cities, allowing them to be comfortable in the top ten places for a single worker.

Reading’s average monthly salary is £3,010.76 and the cost of living salary is £1,781.53.

The average amount to rent a one-bed property in the inner-city is £996.51, with utilities costing around £172.72 per month.

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The places with the worst cost of living in the UK include Wolverhampton, Swansea, Norwich, Liverpool, Leeds, Belfast, Sheffield, Cardiff, Leicester and London.

The research came from the Budget Direct website.