This week, the BBC's Interior Design Masters is heading to Salisbury to transform three local businesses.

The fourth episode will see the designers giving three retail businesses a new lease of life.

Working in pairs, the designers will work on a bridal shop, a homeware shop and a lingerie shop. 

Retail expert Mary Portas will join Michelle Ogundehin to help judge the finished designs and Alan Carr, who presents the show. 

Who is still in Interior Design Masters? 


Age: 38

Location: London

Job: Fashion stylist


Age: 23

Location: Bedfordshire

Job: Business administrator 


Age: 41

Location: Reading

Job: Store manager


Age: 36

Location: Isle of Mull

Job: Cheesemonger and marketer


Age: 39

Location: From Ayrshire, now lives in London

Job: Print designer and illustrator


Age: 52

Location: From Fleetwood, now lives in London

Job: Visual merchandiser 

:: Interior Design Masters is on BBC One on Wednesdays at 9pm.