I’ve heard lots of friends boasting about their trips to the Reading restaurant, Veeno, but being new to the town (and currently single) I’ve not had a chance to experience this apparently very romantic restaurant as of yet.

Which is why when I was asked to review their new Valentine’s special I jumped at the chance.

Their new experience for couples, ‘Blindfolded Dining’ or as I like to call it ‘Dining in the dark’, sounds like one of those experiences that could end in two ways. Rolling on the floor hilarity or an awkward dinner date that leaves you feeling unsatisfied.

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As the first person to experience it, I can confirm that I left without the contents of the three-course meal down my clothes and my face food-free.

This was mainly due to the assistance of the courteous and charming waiting staff who are with you every step of the way.

With the sea of twinkling lights and the soft timbre of jazz in the background, the whole venue screams of romance and seduction. Even at 5pm there was a quiet buzz of conversation from people who were keen to start the weekend early with a casual glass of wine in a romantic setting.

I was escorted to my table in a discrete corner of the restaurant by Bea who greeted me with enthusiasm and explained the concept of the dining experience.

Seeing the blindfold sitting among the stacks of pillows alongside the complementary glass of champagne would certainly be enough to excite any couple (alas it was just me this time).

This concept centres around the heightening of your senses - as you aren’t aware of what you or your partner are eating. It makes it slightly less precarious as at the beginning of the evening you are able to choose the main ingredient each course is centred around. Less dangerous, but no less intriguing as it literally could be anything you are eating.

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The dining staff are there with you every step of the way, mainly to make sure you don’t knock an entire table of food and drinks on the floor! As you take your first bite the guessing game starts.

Reading Chronicle:

What do you taste? What are the flavours and ingredients used? Can you tell what kind of dish it is?

I won’t let the cat out of the bag over what the various dishes that I was served (where’s the fun in that), although I can attest that the menu was superb and excellently constructed to make sure the three courses were exactly the right size to both enjoy and leave you satisfied. The dishes hosted a variety of different textures and were bursting with exotic flavours that would have anyone mystified.


Three cheers for head chef, Michele Di Razza who is always available to come out to say hello to his diners.

One thing I would recommend if you do enjoy a tipple with your meal is the special Valentine’s cocktail. Although some alcoholic drinks completely change the taste of various ingredients, this surprisingly sweet concoction acts as a palette cleanser between courses! Never have I ever tasted an alcoholic drink which acted like sorbet. Nothing will surprise you more.

All in all, the experience was filled with mystery, intrigue, and a lot of laughter.

Reading Chronicle:

So if you want to go a little outside of your comfort zone this Valentine’s day, grab your partner and try blindfold dining - you will certainly be promised a memorable experience.