Reading is England's biggest town - and if you have ever met someone from here, you'll know this fact within the first few minutes.

As this is one of the 21 signs you know someone is from Reading. 

From subconciously holding your nose through Smelly Alley (even though it no longer smells) to eye-rolling as the SatNav mispronounces it 'Reed-ing', there are many little quirks to tell if someone hails from the best town in Berkshire.

Reading Chronicle:

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We asked Chronicle readers to finish this sentence: 'You know you're from Reading when' .. and this is what they said. 

Let us know if you think they've missed anything off below. 

  1. You know where Smelly Alley is. The affectionately named alley would appear as Union Street to out-of-towners - but residents know better 
  2. You've met Reading Elvis!

    Reading Chronicle:
  3. When we had absolutely no idea there was a "g" on the end. 
  4. You still wish you could get a burger from Brett's. The venue, based opposite Greyfriars church, has long gone but fond memories remain 
  5. Your accent is half ‘People Just Do Nothing’ and half ‘This Country’, a beautiful blend of town and country 
  6. You always read reading as Reading - it becomes ingrained 
  7. When you’ve used the word Cheeselog in public somewhere else and people stare at you ‘like you’ve gone mad’
  8. You’ve heard of the Butts
  9. You’ve been thrown out of the Purple Turtle - or cheered on the door staff as they've removed someone 

    Reading Chronicle:
  10. You remember RG1 nightclub with its sticky dancefloors
  11. Reading FC are 3 - 0 up, it’s the last 15 minutes of the game and you’re still worried they’ll lose
  12. You got your school uniform from Jacksons
  13. When you hear a thousand sirens a day

    Reading Chronicle:
  14. You have dropped into conversation that Reading is the largest town in England 
  15. You know all the Forbury lion myths
  16. You know Cemetery Junction is more than a film by Ricky Gervais 

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  17. Speaking of Ricky Gervais, you will casually mention the fact your auntie went to school with him when he comes up in conversation with non-Reading friends 

    Reading Chronicle: Whitley's most famous son Whitley's most famous son
  18. When you remember Lyons cafe, Littlewoods & Freeman Hardy & Willis
  19. You shopped in Harris Arcade for your edgy clothing
  20. Someone tells you something and you reply with “No it ent!”
  21. When John Lewis will always be Heelas and nothing will convince you otherwise 

    Reading Chronicle: Christmas shopping at Heelas. Credit: Reading Chronicle Collection/ Reading Museum
  22. You call Sainsbury’s SavaCentre - and your nan still tells you it's never been the same since they took it over 
    Reading Chronicle: