A school in Henley are teaming up with a local high-altitude mountaineer and former British Army Gurkha officer, to deliver a series of unique experiential learning workshops for their pupils.

St. Mary’s Preparatory School are partnering with Garth Miller, a Henley resident who will be setting off to attempt to set a world record for the fastest known time to summit Everest, from London to London in May.

Mr Miller will be running a number of highly interactive sessions for the children, introducing them to every aspect of the planning of his trip – from the rigorous physical training regime, to nutrition, geography, and the opportunity to try on his specialist equipment.

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Above: Mount Everest peak


Speaking ahead of the sessions, Mr Miller said: “I am really looking forward to meeting the children at St. Mary’s School.

“I know that making learning fun is a really effective way to engage with young people.

“I will be challenging the children to think about what their dreams are, and how they can ‘be their own hero’.

“By offering Skye sessions from Everest itself, I will - in effect - be bringing the St. Mary’s children along on the climb to the top of the world!”

In addition to the sessions with pupils, Mr Miller will also be giving a talk to parents, introducing his current challenge, talking about his future plans, and focusing on teamwork, perseverance, resilience, and determination.

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Above: Mount Everest


St Mary’s Preparatory School, Rob Harmer, said: “I know that our children really enjoy this type of immersive learning opportunity, and we are very grateful to Garth for coming into school to share his incredible experiences with our pupils. 

“Garth’s beliefs in the importance of setting goals and overcoming obstacles along the way, are very closely aligned to our own school values and our focus on the importance of instilling a growth mindset.

“These valuable messages really resonate with our pupils, and they are very excited at the prospect of joining Garth on the top of the world!”