A Burghfield pre-school is at risk of imminent closure due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on fundraising.

Mrs Williams Pre-School of Pinchcut, Burghfield Common, has been serving the community since 1963, but could be forced to close its doors at the end of the month.

With the pre-school being a charity, it is entirely self-funded and usually does so through events such as fayres and fetes.

Due to the pandemic, these events have been unable to take place and so the pre-school is set to close for good in the coming weeks.

In a passionate plea, pre-school chair Samantha Eggleton has set up a fundraising page urging for help. 

She writes: "With the deepest regret, The Mrs Williams Preschool will have to permanently shut its doors at the end of January!

"The pandemic has hit us hard. As a charity, we fundraise to keep the school open; however, we haven't been able to do this due to the pandemic. We need your help.

"Please help us keep our children in school and the staff in work. We are praying the community can help us from closing.

The post continues: "The Mrs Williams Pre-school was established in 1963. We are a non-profit charity that relies on the kind donations of others and money raised during our fundraising events. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of early years education and being affordable for all."

So far they have raised £1,870 toward the target of £10,000.

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Above: One of the classrooms at Mrs Williams Pre-School


Mrs Eggleton is heart-broken that the institution may have to close, saying: “I am very disappointed and disheartened.

“It has been a lot of work to keep it running but due to the pandemic we’ve been unable to put the hard work in with our fundraising.

“The target is £10,000 and that will get us on our feet and get us through until the end of the year so we can have another good go at fundraising.

“However, our real target is that we need more children.

“Due to where we are situated, not many people know we are there other than word of mouth.

“We had a sign at the top of our road which helped, but that was stolen, and we haven’t been able to replace that.

“Our website it down at the moment because we can’t afford to get it fixed so we are trying hard to get bums on seats so that staff can be paid, and children can stay at a nursery which they love.”


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Above: Mrs Williams Pre-School classroom


As well as the Go Fund Me, local takeaway restaurant Burghfield Spices have committed to supporting the pre-school on Wednesday, 26 January.

100 per cent of profits from orders will go to the pre-school.

This includes both takeaway and eat in orders.

All customers have to do is say the phrase “school fundraising.”

Former Burghfield Parish Councillor, Alison May, has been assisting the efforts of the pre-school by raising awareness.

She said: “The people of Burghfield are extremely generous when it comes to supporting charities, however I am concerned our smaller charities such as the Burghfield & Mortimer Handybus and Mrs Williams Pre-school are less fortunate is receiving the support and recognition for the valuable service they provide to our community.

“I am confident the community will come together to save this greatly valued and precious pre-school facility in support of our little ones and their families.”


Click here to donate or find out more information regarding the Go Fund Me.