POLICE are warning residents to keep their homes secure after officers were called to four burglaries within the space of three hours last night.

Officers on the late shift were called to burglaries in Earley and Wokingham on Saturday, January 22, a statement from the force revealed.

This comes amid a “surge of residential and none-residential burglaries”.

A social media post from the Thames Valley Police Bracknell and Wokingham team read: “The Bracknell and Wokingham Local Policing Area (LPA) continues to see a surge of residential and non-residential burglaries. Today's late shift has seen four burglaries reported within three hours, mostly in the Early and Wokingham areas.

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“Please remember to securely lock your house overnight or when you leave.

“Don't forget outbuildings, sheds and garages. Where possible, purchase camera doorbells, CCTV cameras and/or alarms.

“These all become increasingly more affordable and typically easy to install yourself. Motion detection lights are another reasonably priced deterrent.

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“Leaving a light on inside the property or an external patio light can be a good deterrent too.

“We encourage you to call 999 if you see anyone acting suspiciously around a driveway or property especially during the hours of darkness; keeping an eye out for any vehicles that appear out of place.

“Offences have been happening at any time of day.”