Police seized a Toyota Supra in Reading last night (Tuesday) for anti-social driving, speeding and ‘near misses’, according to the force

The driver had already been issued notices for similar behaviour twice in the same number of months.

They were reported for careless driving, where they’ll likely be offered a driver improvement course, 3 points and £100 fine or a court appearance - plus the £150 recovery fee to get their car back.

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“Whilst the majority of the people attend car meets drive sensibly, please don’t be the minority that ruin it for everyone else and drive anti-socially by doing burnouts, revving the nuts out of your engine so it backfires or doing doughnuts and showing off to everyone else,” Thames Valley Police posted on Facebook.

“If you’re seen to be driving anti-social manner you can have your car seized immediately or be issued with a Section 59 warning if it’s a first offence and not likely to continue thereafter.”