A former Reading vet nurse tired of dogs seeing her as the ‘bad guy’ has opened a day care centre for them.

The first pets walked through the doors of The Woof Retreat, Beenham, on Monday, where Megan Forth has single-handedly transformed three acres of land into pooch paradise.

She’s started by caring for six dogs a day but hopes to allow 16 to enjoy the fields, pet climbing frames and dog cabin while their owners are working.

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“It’s been amazing. I’ve had literally the best time. The dogs have been so great and they all get on like an absolute house on fire.”

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After working for a veterinary practice in Reading, Megan, from Arborfield, decided she wanted a change two years ago.

“I got to a point where I was ready to enjoy spending time with the dogs and them enjoy spending time with me, rather than in the vets where their never pleased to be there and you’re always the bad guy.

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“It’s nice to see them enjoying their time – right now they’re sat wagging their tails at me”

After months searching she finally found the ‘perfect’ location for the centre in Grange Lane.

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“It’s really lovely. There’s no one next door to us and it’s quiet but there’s a bit of background noise as well so if the dogs o bark it doesn’t disrupt anyone too much.”

Before taking on more dogs and additional member of staff, Megan said it was important to get to know the dogs she already looks after.

Reading Chronicle: Megan's own pets on the doggy climbing frameMegan's own pets on the doggy climbing frame

Reading Chronicle: 'You've got a friend in me''You've got a friend in me'

“I like to spend time making sure I know them in and out like their mum and dad do, making sure that their happy, comfortable and content and that they’re matched up with the right dogs and all play the same way.”

Reading Chronicle: There are two kinds of pooches in this world...There are two kinds of pooches in this world...

She continued: “I’m a one-man band at the moment. I’d love to take someone on as soon as I can because I think even though the dogs are so lovely, it’s always nice to have a second pair of hands.”