A SHOCKING video appears to show supporters of Fulham Football Club wrecking a town centre street after their side’s victory over Reading FC on Tuesday evening.

The reckless group -- believed to be Fulham fans though this has not been confirmed by the London club -- appear to throw bags full of waste across Queen Victoria Street as they make their way towards Reading Station.

Bin bags are thrown into the air and split leaving mess across the town centre street.

Others can be seen kicking the full bags along the ground, leaving a trail of rubbish in their wake.

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The group of about two dozen can be heard chanting obscene language and singing about how they ‘hate Reading’ as they ransack the street.

One passer-by can be heard saying: “Oh my god, I’m so scared.”

The unpleasant scenes came after Fulham beat Reading 7-0 at the Select Car Leasing Stadium on Tuesday, January 11.

Anthony Edward Butler, a former plumber who recorded the video and who has been a Fulham fan all his life, said the group were 'idiots'.

He added: “After the game while walking towards the station and after an amazing win, some of these idiots started throwing bin bags around and kicking them, even getting it out of the bins.

“This is an embarrassment from our fans and they should be made to clean it up.”

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Anthony said he has contacted Fulham FC’s supporter liaison manager in an effort to get the fans purportedly involved in the incident banned from future games, but his efforts have so far fallen on deaf ears.

He added: “As fans, we are told to be vigilant and report chants etc., but now that I’ve reported this and have video evidence why am I being ignored by my club?”

The Chronicle has contacted Fulham FC Supporters Trust for comment.

A spokesperson for Fulham FC was not immediately available.