Boris Johnson’s future is hanging in the balance as Cabinet ministers pleaded with Tory MPs to wait for the findings of an official investigation into Downing Street parties before calling for him to quit.

The Prime Minister apologised for attending a “bring your own booze” party in the Downing Street garden in May 2020, during the first coronavirus lockdown, but insisted he believed it was a work event and could “technically” have been within the rules.

Mr Johnson’s confirmation that he was at the event led to four Tory MPs publicly calling for him to quit, with more privately voicing concerns about his leadership.

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In Reading, some Chronicle readers were equally frustrated with the Prime Minister.

One woman wrote: “He should be ashamed of himself. Taking the p*** out of British people when there was people dying and you could not even visit them.

She continued: “People were getting caught gathering and they were getting fined for it. What about him? Because he’s a prime minister he gets away with it.”

“He’s a disgrace to the country,” said Steve Rosier, calling for his resignation.

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Another woman said said: “Sack the lot of them. They’re all unfit for purpose.”

“What good would that do?” asked a commenter. “His replacement would only be more of the same.”

A total of 24 readers said Johnson should resign on the Chronicle’s Facebook page, but others were more forgiving.

“Everyone broke or bent the rules at some point. Leave the great man alone,” said one Facebook user.

Another agreed he shouldn’t resign: “Everyone with any idea about freedom saw family members regardless. I worked. Saw who I wanted and went where I wanted during the whole ‘pandemic’”

Those arguing the Prime Minister should stay put number 12.