After all of the hype surrounding new Woodley store HK Superstore, I decided to go and check it out.

Described as an Asian-Oriental market, the store is massively underselling itself, as it so much more.

When first walking past you are met with an array of fresh fruit and vegetables before entering a labyrinth of narrow aisles and tall shelves.


Reading Chronicle:

Above: HK Superstore


From everyday essentials such as toilet roll and milk, to exotic spices and every type of rice imaginable, the chances are whatever you are looking for will be in the store at competitive prices.

For instance, four pints of semi-skimmed milk comes to £1.25 at Morrisons and £1.15 in Sainsbury’s.

HK Supermarket comes in between those two, with people more likely to be willing to pay slightly more than if it is from an independent store.

Taking a wonder around, I was taken aback by some of the stock which I had never even heard of before, such as charmagaz and kalonji.



Despite already supplying a wide variety of items, store manager Suyashi Prrasad insists they are far from the finished article:

She said: “We just want to continue stocking more types of exotic foods and fresh fruits.

“People are always so excited when they see these things for the first time so we just want to bring as many more varieties and products as we can fit.

“Asian-Oriental food is a very large aspect of the community so you can’t just have certain things you can always find something new to bring.”


Reading Chronicle:


Having collected my bottle of Coca-Cola, one which I am told is from Nigeria and rarely available in this country, and a few other essential items, I paid and left, however not for the last time.

I shall definitely make sure to return and support this new independent store bringing something different to the high street.