Police arrested six wanted suspects who attempted to evade justice in court during a Reading sting operation.

People charged with drug driving, assault, document fraud and criminal damage will be hauled before a judge despite trying to skip court.

Nine Reading officers were involved in January 6 operation, named Reaper, coordinated by Acting Special Inspector Emem Adegbola and the Fugitive Intelligence Team.

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“Defendants who deliberately fail to appear at court thumb their noses at victims, the police and the justice system at large,” said SPI Adegbola.

“In Reading we are working hard to track down these suspects and haul them in front of the courts they seem so eager to avoid.”

Other suspects detained included those wanted for depositing controlled waste.

The four Police Constables and five Special Constables involved in the sting also pursued leads in 26 other cases.

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Operation Reaper aims to put pressure on fugitives in Reading on a daily basis, according to police.

The force acts under warrants issued by the courts when defendants fail to appear.

This allows police to detain suspects and hold them in custody until the next available court date.