The manager of a new supermarket in Woodley has shared the story behind their new venture.  

HK Superstore officially opened on Wednesday 12 in Crockhamwell Road after a five day trial period, much to the delight of Woodley customers.

The market has been named after its new owners and was created to offer the community somewhere to buy specialist foods.

Deputy Mayor of Woodley Kay Gilder cut the ribbon for the 'Asian-Oriental' market, which replaces a former HSBC bank.

“The people of Woodley have been so welcoming to us and so nice, so it’s been a good week,” said manager Suyashi Prrasad, from Woodley.

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She continued: “Everyone has been very kind to us, even when we were converting it.”

Her husband, Harbal Singh, and his business partner, Kashif Asghar, bought the premises after seven years working for a different supermarket.

Reading Chronicle: HK Superstore manager Suyashi Prrasad, her husband Harbal Singh and co-owner Kashif AsgharHK Superstore manager Suyashi Prrasad, her husband Harbal Singh and co-owner Kashif Asghar

She said the location was perfect because it gave the Asian community somewhere to shop nearby.

“We had to travel to Wokingham Road or Oxford Road to get the basic groceries that an Asian household looks for.”

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“We were already looking for a place to open a store and we found this perfect, old HSBC place.”

HK Supermarket, named after the first letters of its owners' first names, is open from Monday to Saturday between 8am and 8pm, and on Sundays from 10am to 6pm.

“Customers have been quite happy and quite positive about it. They have been happy about the variety and the fresh fruit and vegetables.”