NIGEL FARAGE was last night drowned out by anti-Brexit protestors at a live broadcast of a popular BBC radio show held at Reading Minster.

The controversial politician, who spearheaded one half of the Leave campaign back in 2016, was joined by Slough’s Labour MP Tan Dhesi, Conservative minister Kit Malthouse and SNP MP Joanna Cherry for BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions.

Reading Chronicle: Image via Paul KingImage via Paul King

Hosted by BBC political correspondent Chris Mason, the show sees the panel of guests answer topical questions from members of the public.

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But former UKIP leader and current GB News TV presenter Farage was confronted by prominent Remain campaigner Steve Bray upon arrival at Reading Minster, with some demonstrators having to be held back by security guards and others shouting ‘fascist’.

The right-wing politician then had a tough time making himself heard during the show as EU supporters demonstrated outside the church.

Being a live show, the protestors resorted to playing loud music and shouting almost every time Farage spoke.

The audio clip below was recorded inside Reading Minster. From 0.30 seconds onwards, music played by the campaigners can be heard over the top of Nigel Farage. 

Shouts of ‘fascist’, ‘he’s lying to you’ and ‘Brexit’s not going well, is it?’ could be heard from inside Reading Minster.

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Kit Malthouse, Tory minister for crime and policing, was also subjected to the same treatment at one point when the demonstrators shouted ‘Tories out’.

The hour-long show saw the panel tackle four questions, with the first poser being: ‘is it time to make like unbearable for the unvaccinated?’

Other topics tackled included the acquittal of the Colston Four (the Bristol quartet cleared of criminal damage after a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in June 2020), how government cuts to children’s services may have affected knife crime rates, and whether Brexit was ‘done’.

Reading Chronicle:

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More than 100 people attended the recording of the flagship BBC programme with politicos keen to get pictures with Nigel Farage and other members of the panel at the close of the debates.

Earlier in the day, the Reading Minster graveyard had been shut off to allow the BBC to set up at the 7th-century church.

A handful of pro-EU protestors gathered outside the broadcast from around 6pm.

To listen to the full episode, click here