Veljko Paunovic has confirmed that Reading FC have made their "best possible offer" to Andy Carroll and that he and the club are now waiting for a response from the striker.

Carroll has become a near-indispensable component of Paunovic's team since arriving at the club in November but his short-term deal is set to expire this month.

The Reading boss has previously said that it is a priority of the club's to ensure Carroll stays for the rest of the season and on Thursday he explained that the Royals have now made him their best offer.

"We did make our best possible offer and we are waiting now for a response," Paunovic said. "But definitely, we did it in time within our deadline and we are expecting the best possible outcome.

"He's happy. I did have a conversation with him, he's happy here. We have a very good rapport, we're happy with him, I hope we find a way to keep working together and I'm very very positive."

The striker has scored once since arriving in Berkshire but he has now started four consecutive matches and he figures to be a crucial element of Reading's surivial chances should he sign on to stay for the remainder of the campaign.