Freezing temperatures have hit Berkshire this week with frosty mornings on the way.

Today (Wednesday, January 5) is expected to be the coldest day this week in Berkshire, with temperatures at between 5 and -3 degrees Celsius.

A yellow weather warning has been issued for snow and ice in some parts of the UK from Thursday and Friday.

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But if you were hoping to see the white stuff, you'll be a little disappointed as it's not expected to hit the South East.

Weather forecast for today

The Met Office predict temperatures in Berkshire today will be between 5'C and -3'C and it is sunny.

At around 2pm in Berkshire, sunshine is expected although it will still be chilly as the temperature is forecast at 5'C with a 'feels like' temperature of 1.

From 6pm the 'feels like' temperature is expected to be zero and the Met Office warn frost might form overnight.

Weather forecast for this week

After a frosty start on Thursday, with temperatures dropping to below zero in the morning, the weather is predicted to become milder with strong winds and rain.

The Met Office predict it will be colder again on Friday with blustery wintry showers.

The weekend is expected to be windy and hold the odd wintery shower, although temperatures will be milder.