The University of Reading have reached the quarter final of the famous BBC quiz show, University Challenge, for the first time ever.

The long-running show aired from 1962-1987 before being revived and hosted by Jeremy Paxman since 1994.

First entering the competition in 2003, the University of Reading have never progressed beyond the second round, losing at that stage five times since 2003/04.

Unfortunately the University also hold the record for the largest defeat, losing 240-0 to Keble University, Oxford, in the 2017 Christmas series.


Reading Chronicle:

Above: The Univerity of Reading record-breaking team (credit: BBC Iplayer)


Having knocked out the University of Strathclyde in round one and the University of Dundee in round two, they must now wait until the New Year to discover who they have drawn in the historic quarter final.

Starting round one way back in August, members of the team were catching the eye from episode one.

One such contestant was the team captain, Michael Hutchinson, who scored 110 of the team’s 175 points against the University of Strathclyde.

The team consists of: Mr Hutchinson, who has studied for a PGCE in Maths; Alex Skopic, who is studying for a Master’s in English Literature; Margaret Ounsley, who is studying for a PhD in Poor Law History; and Sylvian Patrick Jesudoss, who is studying for a PhD in Marketing at Henley Business School.

The side are also allowed two reserve team members, who are: Kira Bishop, a second year Maths and Psychology student and Sarah Turvey, who is studying for a Master’s in Education. 

University of Reading Vice-Chancellor, Professor Robert Van de Noort said "Congratulations to our University Challenge team who scored an impressive victory.

"I wish them good luck for the next round and will certainly be tuning in to see how they get on."

The quarter finals begin on 10 January 2022.

We wish the University team all the best.