Boris Johnson will hold a press conference today amid fears of new Covid restrictions.

The prime minister will hold a Downing Street press conference at 5pm as the Omicron Covid variant continues to spread.

Mr Johnson will appear alongside Professor Christ Whitty, chief medical officer for England, and Dr Nikki Kanani, medical director of primary care for NHS England

How to watch Boris Johnson press conference

The Covid announcement can be streamed through the UK Government’s Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Twitch channels.


It will begin at 5pm.

Government would enforce new Covid restrictions if needed

Boris Johnson has confirmed the Government will take further action if more measures are needed to battle Covid over the winter months.

At Prime Minister’s Questions today, Mr Johnson was repeatedly asked about Tuesday evening’s vote on Plan B restrictions in England, which required support from the Labour party to pass after almost 100 Tory MPs rebelled against the prime minister.

Labour MPs will continue to vote for Covid regulations if needed, Keir Starmer said, as he asked the Prime Minister if Conservatives would do the same.

The Labour leader said: “Can I take this opportunity to make clear to the Prime Minister that if further votes are needed to save lives and protect the NHS, Labour MPs will follow my leadership and we will always put the NHS first.

“Can I ask the Prime Minister to get his house in order so he can say the same about the members behind him?”

Asked if he would take further action, the prime minister said: “Yes. If further measures are needed, as the House will understand, if further regulation is needed of course this House will have a further say.

“As for following his leadership, they wibble-wobbled over Plan B, they wibble-wobbled over quarantine, and if we listened to him, we wouldn’t have even had the vaccine rollout.”