A police officer has been found guilty of misconduct after being caught making a string of racist and homophobic comments.

PC Perry Greenhalf, who resigned before a police misconduct hearing took place last month, would have been sacked had he still been employed by Thames Valley Police:

The misconduct found allegations the Newbury-based officer said the following comments were proven:

  • ‘Pakistan is a dirty, smelly country’
  • Another police officer was a ‘poof’ and was good at organising parties ‘because he was gay’
  • Said a child who had been sexually exploited ‘likes being bummed up the a***’
  • Made a further comment about the same child ‘liking it up the bum’

It was proven that the first comment was offensive and racist.

The last three comments were proven to be offensive and homophobic.

PC Greenhalf had previously denied making the comments.

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During the misconduct tribunal, which took place at TVP HQ in Kidlington at the end of November, the panel considered whether ‘a clique of colleagues of a less popular officer had got together to make up and/or exaggerate allegations’ about PC Greenhalf, as his legal representative contested.

But the panel found there was no evidence to support this claim.

The panel heard that PC Greenhalf was relatively new to his police team when he made the comment about Pakistan in October 2020.

This allegation was proven after a PC working with Greenhalf sent WhatsApp messages to another colleague informing them of his racist comments.

They also noted that Greenhalf told them that he wanted a ‘no deal Brexit’.

The incident in which PC Greenhalf alleged that a child who had been sexually exploited liked being ‘bummed’ was said in a town centre in earshot of the public, the panel found.

A colleague of Greenhalf’s who gave evidence against him said they found the derogatory remarks ‘disgusting’.

The panel found these comments amounted to gross misconduct.

A comment from the panel read: "Given our findings, and as the core values of Authority, Respect and Courtesy, and Equality and Diversity are fundamental requirements for any police officer, we were bound to conclude that the former officer’s behaviour in breaching the Standards of “Authority, Respect and Courtesy”, “Equality and Diversity” and “Discreditable Conduct” amounted to Gross Misconduct As it was so serious as to justify dismissal.”